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RElaunch is a go!

Hi everybody! *pauses for "Hi Doctor Nick!"*

There's a great feeling of accomplishment and contentment that comes with doing a comic right. So far I'm quite satisfied with the pages I have done. I hope you'll like the new Rococo as much as the old one, if not more. Cause seriously, I barely tried with some pages before. @_@ Embarrassing.

I bet you're wondering, "Gee, Nari, what monumental changes have you got in store?" If you must know...
- Colin's name changed to Alex
- Everyone has an updated design, especially Dutch
- Michael is no longer British (Sorry, kids). Lulz, I just can't pull off British slang.
- Michael is also a lot more aggressive! I gave him shots of adrenaline and testosterone. >D Muahahaha.
- Ten is still adorable.
- I actually draw backgrounds now~ *dance* No more screentone replacements xD
- There's more... you'll just have to read and notice for yourself.

posted by Narison @ June 14th, 2008, 2:12 pm   0 Comments