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ยป FAQ and stuff

Under Construction

Q: Rococo Eternal... that's a weird name. Where did it come from?
A: Once upon a time in 2006, in Mr. Long's class at Downtown Elite SAT prep, I received weekly vocabulary packets that contained 100 words per week. One week, "Rococo", meaning ornate or too much, caught my eye. I added Eternal cause I thought it sounded cool, like a video game title. >D

Q: So wait... Alex is a girl but also a boy... and Dutch is from Germany but not and--
A: Heh, its hard to answer any of these types of questions without spoiling everything for you. :3 Try to be patient and wait for these to be explained in the story.

Q: What materials and programs do you use for your comics?
A: Lots. First of all I draw and ink everything by hand with mechanical pencils and Copic ink pens. I scan the pages and use Photoshop 7 for color... and chapter covers and other drawings are created often using watercolor or markers.

Q: There's an old version?
A: Yep. If you're new to the comic, you might not know that I had a previous version going from 2006-2007. This is a remake.